Mihyun Lee

begining or end

Mihyun Lee has trained in dance professionally since 1992 in South Korea. She majored in Korean dance and minored in ballet and modern dance at Sunhwa Arts school. The more she studied dance, the more her interest grew in the creative aspect of art. This interest led her to study choreography in college. She achieved a B.A. in Performing Arts with a concentration in choreography at Kookmin University in 2005. In the following years she was involved in various dance companies as a professional dancer. However, she discovered there was something that she wanted to discover beyond art education and the dance field.

This realization guided her to move to the Bay Area from South Korea in 2009. After she moved, she began to explore contact improvisation and improvisational forms of dance on and off stage. Through the practice of improvisational dance forms, she experienced the therapeutic components of art. Also she was able to unravel the mystery of who she is and discovered her authentic self. After this experience she enrolled the Expressive Arts Therapy program at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in 2011. In 2014, she transferred to Somatic Psychology program at CIIS to deepen her understanding of body and mind.   

Through the program she integrated her artistic experience into psychology theories. She has become more and more conscious of the importance of self-differentiation as well as its needs in cultures where people emphasize interdependent relationships, conformity, and collectivism.

In addition to studying at CIIS, Mihyun teaches two movement classes called Contact as Connection and  Nothing into Something. She begun to work at preschool as an intern through UCSF Infant-Parent program since September 2015. 

updated on Nov 28th, 2015

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