Mihyun Lee


  • Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT137496)
  • Registered Somatic Movement Therapist
  • Certified Laban Movement Analyst


  • Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis
  • Dance/Movement Therapy
  • Rosen Method
  • Counseling Psychology (Somatic Psychology)
  • Korean Dance/Choreography

Dance, Psychotherapy, Movement

are my educational background. For about 30 years of practicing dance professionally shaped my understanding of the primal nature of the body and its expression. My perspectives on body, movement, and expression have been developed by graduate education in Somatic Psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). I formed my services influenced by my advanced study in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies (LBMS) at Integrative Movement Studies 2021-2022. My service is oriented towards promoting psychological wellbeing through physiological practice. Our body is both functional and expressive. Listening to our body and attuning to its narratives, needs, and desires are the keys to navigate our life in most effective way.

Relationship, Polarity, Integration

have been important concepts for my private and professional life. I often find wisdom in polarities and believe acknowledging the opposite components in polarity is a way to integrate oneself. In my work, I emphasize increasing level of satisfaction in clients’ relationship to self, others, and environment. 

Let’s Talk What You Need and What I Can Offer

Finding a right therapist feels almost impossible. However, you may discover something very important during our conversation even though I might not be your right therapist. If my integrative approach to mental health resonates with you, try for 15min free consultation!


Private Somatic Movement Therapy

  • Private setting for individuals and couples
  • Identify movement patterns to re-pattern habitual movement
  • Fees:
    • $150 for 60min
    • $175 for 75min
    • $200 for 90min

Group Somatic Movement Workshop

  • Group setting for 3 hour long workshop
  • $70/180min
  • Promote self-discovery through movement exploration
  • Facilitate meaning making process through various activities including writing, movement, journaling, observation, discussion, and collaboration   

Kinesio Psycho Therapy

  • It is a psychotherapy approach to integrate movement
  • Fundamental relationship between movement and psychology


Trent and Ozben | Software Engineer and DAOM (Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine)

Couple Clients for Private Somatic Movement Therapy (2022-2023)

My partner and I have been taking private lessons from Mihyun since May 2022 on regular basis. It has been a deeply nourishing time for us. Mihyun has such a gift for holding spaces with stillness and clarity, and guiding people gently towards openings and insight. The sessions have brought us many beautiful moments, and have enriched and enlarged the way we experience each other.

Erin C. Law | Somatic Movement Education, Politicized Healing, Multidisciplinary Art

I have had the chance to work with Mihyun in the context of the Integrated Movement Studies program as both her mentor and as a participant in her work.  In my observation, she is exquisitely attuned to the center of her own being and from that place, she is able to hold space for others to explore the different facets of their humanity through movement and somatic practice.  She is in deep relationship with the many dynamic parts of the self, and how those emerge and recede over time.  Ultimately Mihyun serves as a tender embodied witness to her clients’ integration toward wholeness.

Colleen Wahl | Co-director at Integrated Movement Studies, Asst Professor at Alfred University

I first met Mihyun through Integrated Movement Studies, where she is a graduate, and have experienced the impact of her work in my own life. Mihyun’s approach, Kinesiopsychotherapy, opened by eyes and my heart to new understandings of myself and my body. Working with her helped me get in touch with polarities I was struggling in my work and personal life. Her facilitation lead me to experience a clarification and understanding of these poles in a way that I felt more whole and capable of working with each. Working with Mihyun gave me new tools to be with the tensions in my life and move forward in a supported and generative way. What I gained through the experience continues to support me both physically and emotionally as I encounter new challenges and discomforts.



For somatic movement therapy inquiry: movementflow.org@gmail.com

For psychotherapy inquiry: kinesiopsychotherapy@gmail.com