Research Lab

Contact Improvisation (CI) Research Lab: free to participate

I am looking for 5-8 people who are relatively new to contact improvisation and experience uncertainty about their involvement in CI due to their personal reasons. I have begun my research on 1) therapeutic approach in CI: how CI can be therapeutic for people with interpersonal relationship difficulties and social anxiety and 2) daily movement as a resource to generate dance movement: how daily movement with intentional focus can help non-dancers to generate dance movement. ( I meant “non-dancer” to describe a person who has not developed their own dance/movement vocabulary)

What I need from the candidates is curiosity, commitment, constructive feedback, and being mindful of their own experiences. I will ask your permission to document our meetings for my professional development. You can absolutely disagree with it, and you won’t lose the opportunity to participate.

It will likely start in the fall. All logistics including location, time, format, and participants will be formed starting now (5/26) until 8/31.

If you resonate with my focus, curiosity, and consciousness, please message me directly or email me at