Life and Art in Flow

Life is improvisation. Life and Art are a continuum and a continual process to awaken something that never ends.

In my vision, art is a medium of expression itself to reflect one’s psychological and spiritual state. Art integrates what already exists in one’s inner and outer world within the expression. As an artist, my main focus of art is how an artist integrates one’s inner resources into art. As a dancer, I explore how art reflects one’s self-history and self-perception through the body.

In the process of the improvisational form of dance, I constantly interpret, attune, and adjust my relationship to the surroundings.

begining or end

Expressive Arts Therapy

I am studying Counseling Psychology focusing on Expressive Arts Therapy at CIIS in San Francisco. I approach art as a spiritual path and therapeutic medium. I often discover something, that was unknown, out of the spontaneity through creative activity. To practice Creativity and Spirituality is a quintessential activity to accumulate awareness and to touch the heart of ultimate reality. Psychology is the result of the activity.

To me, the harmonious integration of Creativity, Spirituality, and Psychology (3y) within the balanced integration of body, mind, and spirit is the core component of the Expressive Arts Therapy.

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