Private Somatic Movement Therapy

It is a private setting for individuals and couples. The fee is $150 for 60min, $175 for 75min, $200 for 90min. It generally begins with verbal check-in. Therapist collects both verbal and non-verbal data to assess clients movement patterns that associate with their psychological needs and desire. Therapist suggests various ways to increase range of motion and expression to find clients’ best way to re-pattern their habitual movement. It is very simple approach. Yet, it has a profound impact on clients.

Therapist facilitates the session for individuals to rebuild self-esteem from interpersonal trauma and build satisfying boundaries by examining their own embodied responses regarding “yes, maybe, no”, for example. For couples, therapist focuses on identifying the similarities and dynamic between two individuals so that they can find ways to improve attunement and communication skills.

update on 05.28.2023

You can check the way I relate to another body in the context of Contact Improvisation below:

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