Contact as Connection

Practice of Contact Improvisation


Contact Improvisation (CI) is a practice of multidimensional ways of relating objects. It is about an exploration and discovery of the multiplicity and dynamics (at least) between two bodies. A salient feature of Contact Improvisation is a constant and spontaneous physical exchange of weight and contact between two bodies. Two bodies are in a dynamic and nonlinear relationship with a point of physical contact while maintaining a shifting point of contact. It entails a principle of responsive adjustment to attune to the shifting point of contact and to negotiate how two movers will shift from one maneuver to another. Movements occur naturally as a result of spontaneous self-organization from the dynamic and nonlinear relationship between movers.

This form of movement practice can teach us 1) to learn how one embodies their experiences through the point of contact, 2) to learn how one relates their body in relation to another body, 3) to expand one’s capacity to adjust and attune to the diversity of bodies, and 4) to incorporate the differences into one’s own body, skill, and awareness.

I interpret contact as connection since my approach to Contact Improvisation is to connect with the unknowns. In that sense, I approach Contact Improvisation as active meditation.

Contact for private or group session :

updated on October 17th, 2016

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