Nothing Into Something

Nothing into Something” as Somatic Movement Practice offers various ways to bring the unconscious to consciousness through movement exploration. This class aims to promote self-discovery and meaning making process and provides both conceptual and experiential learning. 

One can discover something meaningful through intentional exploration. This particular approach of somatic movement practice that focuses on the psychotherapeutic aspect was formed by my education in Somatic Psychology and Dance. In Somatic Psychotherapy, clients share their daily life, concerns, and/or thoughts verbally. Therapists receive information not only about the contents of the story but also how clients (or clients’ body) relate to their narratives. Therapists are trained to bring the unconscious to consciousness. Likewise, in improvisational dance (including authentic movement and other somatic oriented movement practices), participants can discover movements and responses that reveal their unconscious.    

The class includes verbal and nonverbal check-in, creating and exploring their still shapes, improvisational dance before and after observation, improvisational dance with scores, exercises to increase expressivity and functionality of movement, and sharing experiences.

WHEN: Thursdays at 7:15-8:45pm 9/1-10/27/2022 except on 9/22 

WHERE: Wildcat Dance Studio at the Sawtooth Building in Berkeley


$50 with pre-registered 2 days prior to the event (ex. registered by 9/13 Tuesday for class on 9/15)

$60 per class for drop-ins

$200 for 4 classes

*Social Activity: each week after the class, we will head to Contact Improvisation Thursday Jam (8pm-11pm) at Finnish Hall in Berkeley.

*Additional Offering: anyone who wants to perform on the stage or virtual format, I facilitate choreography based on the materials that participant discovers from the class.

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