Mihyun Lee

Mihyun Lee studied dance and psychology. For about 30 years of practicing dance professionally shaped her understanding of the primal nature of the body and its expression. Her perspectives on body, movement, and expression have been developed by graduate education in Somatic Psychology. She formed her services in somatic movement education and therapy influenced by her study in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies (LBMS) at Integrative Movement Studies 2021-2022. Her service is oriented towards promoting psychological wellbeing through physiological practice. Many of her clients including a few somatic psychotherapists have appreciated her unique service that specifically integrates psychological process and physiological expression

Relationship, Polarity, and Integration have been important concepts for her private and professional life. She often finds wisdom in polarities and believes acknowledging the existences of opposite components in polarity is a way to integrate oneself. 

Current services:

  • Therapeutic use of Contact Improvisation (CI) for couple and individuals:

I facilitate CI private lessons for couples to improve attunement and communication skills and for individuals to rebuild self-esteem from interpersonal trauma and build satisfying boundaries by examining their own embodied responses regarding “yes, maybe, no”. 

  • Somatic Movement Practice called, “Nothing into Something”:

It is designed to promote self-discovery through movement exploration in a group setting. Many of the clients are in industries other than dance. If you say, “I do not know how to dance”, I need to tell you that it is not a dance class. It is a guided self-discovery through movement exploration that often begins with a gesture that is generated by you while sharing your ordinary daily life check-in. Through this process, you can see and feel how your unconscious is revealed. This class is good for people who are in life transitions and are seeking to study about themselves in depth.  

  • Somatic Movement Therapy called, “Repattern the Pattern”:

I offer private rehabilitative therapy to restore functionality and to foster efficiency by repatterning dysfunctional patterns of movement and habitual responses. This service is good for people who have chronic pains and needs to increase functionality of movement such as athletes and first time caregivers.

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updated on September 21, 2022

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