Meditative Performance

Energy Expansion-1

I think it is important to find one’s own way to grow towards their potential. As an artist, through my authentic, transformative, and ritualistic movement I provide a space for audience to interpret whatever they experience with their own way of understanding, this sows seeds that encourage them to benefit others. This leads to meditative performance which encourages the audience’s various ways of participation. It is the quintessential component to cocreate the performance based on the audience’s participation and influence.

From my practice of improvisational art I have discovered what I have not yet expressed. The process of art as a creative activity invites us to encounter the unknown beauty in anything; it touches the heart of creativity. It is the nature of improvisational art work to unfold the unknown feelings and suppressed emotions. The result of unexpected expression and experience allows us to reflect on what has happened and what is happening now.

During expression of inner resources into the outer world, the processes of internalizing and externalizing arise. Often these processes coincide with a magical and therapeutic moment when there is no aim to achieve something – turning nothing into something or something into nothing. At that moment, interaction silently begins among the performer and observers within their consciousness and they combine timelessly, spatially, and inevitably like hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water. In that moment, the feeling is beyond words and there is a transcendental experience and a transformative power of art.

Within that awareness, I found the beauty of authentic and therapeutic encounters, inspiring the concept of Meditative Performance.

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