3 Days Intensive Workshop

Move to Heal

It is a group somatic movement workshop utilizing Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies. It is an integrative approach to mental health and open to anyone interested in deepening their relationship to themselves.

I structure this 3 days workshop to explore the interconnectedness between daily movement, psychology, and dance as therapeutic approach. The foundation of the workshop is to find ways to develop more satisfying relationship to oneself so that one can develop more satisfying relationship to others and beyond.

Focus of this workshop:

  1. Discover diversity in yourself, your body, and your movement and relationship between movement, dance, and psychology. 
  2. Explore transitioning nothing into something from daily movement to dance movement, from daily movement to meaningful movement, from functional body to expressive body.
  3. Expand a range of diversity within yourself by identifying patterns of movement and related psychology as well as underdeveloped functional and expressive qualities.

My workshop contains improving levels of body awareness, learning movement phrase, movement exploration, ,observation, conversation, self-refelction, collaboration. You will have chances to explore therapeutic approach to Contact Improvisation, to explore unconsciousness through solo improvisation, and to present/share what you have learned. It is not required and optional. It is also optional to invite people to observe your sharing.

Dates: 7/7 6-9pm, 7/8 10-5pm, 7/9 10-5pm (total of 17 hours)

Location: Bukhansan Art Center, 03307 2nd floor 43-13 Daeseomungil Eunpyunggu Seoul

Fee: $300-380 (Venmo, paypal, 예금주: 이미현, 우리은행 1002 730 901190)

  • register by 5/20: $300/397,000 won 
  • by 6/17: $340/450,000 won ($306/405,000 won after 10% discount)
  • After 7/6: $380/ 500,000 won ($342/450,000 won after 10% discount)

10% discount if you

  • have a degree in dance
  • studied at Integrative Movement Studies
  • are a registered or certified therapist
  • participated “Exploring Multiple Identities through Movement” in the past
  • are a graduate student, a single parent, or adoptee